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Whether you’re in a casual or serious relationship, one thing is clear: we all need ideas to keep things sexy and passionate! This will make your partner feel special and they will definitely return the favor.


Surprise your partner by cooking something they love

If they like to drink, make it something light so it does not impact their sexual performance. Yes, alcohol can lower inhibitions but also inhibit pleasure and orgasm feelings. I suggest a maximum of 1-2 cocktails and try to pick the lower sugar options such as vodka and gin. Sugar interferes with blood flow and endorphins which directly play on physical and emotional feelings enhancing mood swings.

Set a sexy sensual mood for your partner 

Sexy music, nice outfit, candles. Even pick out a sexy outfit for your women to wear for you. Something you both will like, as that will get you both in the mood.

Give your partner a sexy, but sweet, compliment

Such as ” You look so good in that outfit damn, I’m so lucky to have you.” Or “you really turn me on, I can’t wait to see you tonight.” Something hot but personal so the compliment is all for them. That leads into my next tip

Flirt and seduce

Everyone loves to be flirted and teased with on some level. Of course, the next best thing to being seduced and teased is being pleased afterwards! Make it your goal to start the week off by flirting with your partner subtly. Sexy texts or emails, grabbing their butt or touching their body in a sexy aggressive way to show them ‘you turn me on!’ I can guarantee this will make them feel good and turned on, therefore igniting the fire. Both men and women want to know they are desired by their partner both verbally and physically. If you aren’t good at both, that’s ok… work on it and I bet in a short matter of time you will come out successful. You really can’t fail if you try the above. Besides, your partner will love that you’re trying and that will get you extra points!

Remember that feeling sexy and confident about yourself will be a huge factor in the success of the physical and emotional  part of your relationship.



Honestly, my first recommendation would to be on a consistent fitness regimen. I’ll tell you why this is my first recommendation for both men and women. Besides my own first hand experience, I have spent numerous years reading up on and studying sex and health. Studies have shown men and women who participate in regular exercise are more confident in themselves and have more frequent sex and happier relationships. And who doesn’t want that? I think it has to do with taking care of yourself, therefore taking care of things around you. Also, your hormones in your body are functioning better and more soundly, which allows you to want and have a better sex life. Balanced hormones lead to more happiness, confidence and higher self image. When we work out, we feel and see the changes, and are more likely to want to be physical with someone because we are happy with ourselves. Yes, we want to share that feeling. People ask me what is the best workouts for improving sex life. I will first suggest any exercise that someone can consistently commit to. But the best exercise to enhance your sex life is one that will increase blood flow, oxygen and testosterone throughout the body, more importantly the brain, heart, and muscles. Cardio and weights are ideal for this. Try a cardio exercise that gets your heart rate elevated enough where it’s hard to speak and results in a good sweat. With weights, you should feel a pump in the muscles and a burning fatigue. Basically, a workout that works out your body. Listen to your own body: if you think you can push harder, do it. If you think you are going to hurt yourself or are on the brink of it, STOP. Be safe and you will get good results!


Megan Avalon

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Gallery: Leticia Farr’s “Hot Holiday Issue” Bonus Photos

Our December 25th “Hot Holiday Issue” was such a success, we’ve decided to give our fans something special! Call it our gift to you! Please enjoy these super-sexy unreleased photos of Leticia Farr taken by Dave Alan. If you like these photos, be sure to check out our December 25th issue which contains 50+ pages of red-hot photos including Leticia and many more of your favorite Kittens!

Adrian Peterson Pleads No Contest, Wife Shows Support

960x540Adrian Peterson entered a plea agreement on November 4th, which allowed him to plead no contest to a misdemeanor charge of reckless assault. Under the plea agreement, the star running back faces a $4,000 fine and 80 hours of community service.

During the press conference where he addressed the media, Peterson assured everyone he loves his son ‘more than anyone could imagine.’ He also accepted full responsibility for his actions, and expressed relief that ‘him and his family could put these events behind them and move forward.’

Adrian Peterson did not respond to any questions concerning his return to the Minnesota Vikings or his status for this football season.

During the press conference, Peterson’s wife, Ashley Peterson, literally showed she had her man’s back, as she stood closely behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder. Ashley, a model who has appeared in Playboy, started dating Adrian in college and continues to support him despite reports he fathered at least six children by six different women while they were either dating or married.

Meet our first Cover Model from Croatia

PETRATS1CONGRATULATIONS to Petra Mestric, our first-ever cover model from Croatia! The gorgeous model has won numerous International Beauty Pageants, and now heats up the pages of our special-edition “Halloween Issue” with uniquely sexy photos by Jelena Cupar Cyclops Ighorium. GET YOUR COPY today to get more super-sexy photos and read more about Petra!

5 Things That Turn Models Off


You just got your hair cut, bought a new outfit, pulled out the fresh kicks, got the car detailed, and dropped some serious money on some bling-bling.

Think you’re ready to date a model?

Not so fast….

Before making a complete fool of yourself, here’s a list of “5 Things That Turn Models Off” based on responses received from some of the world’s hottest models. You’ll thank me later.

  • “My dream guy would be tall, dark, and handsome with light eyes, a great sense of humor, personality…and loves to eat. My turn-ons are tattoos, lips, and eyes. My turn-offs are egos.” – Ashley Hale, Model/Actress, Pennsylvania
  • “My turn-ons are someone with confidence, but at the same time gentle with you. My turn-offs are bad breath and cockiness.” – Cecilia Juarez, Model, California
  • “I like a sense of humor, intelligence, and a cute accent. I dislike a poor attitude, cockiness, rudeness, and ignorance.” – Charlee Carlton, Model, Arkansas
  • “What turns me on? I’m on the kinky side of things… I like being in control, and I’ve always liked women as well as men. What turns me off? Negative, rude, stupid people… AKA assholes.” – Jasmeen Lefleur, Model, Las Vegas
  • “Three things I love: sincerity, humility, and dignity. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s those who play dirty and those who play with people’s feelings.” Valentina Bucci, Model, Italy

Pictured Model: Cecilia Juarez

Photographer: Ryan G Photography

Megan Avalon graces the cover of RHK Magazine’s October 8th issue!

Megan Avalon, internationally known as Muscle Barbie, has agreed to appear in RHK Magazine’s October 8th “The Body Issue”,  including all-new photos by world-renowned photographer Ton (EpicFoto).


“[These photos show] Megan’s beauty and body, with a couple of “workout” images that show off the seriousness of her training,” says Ton. “Megan is the epitome of ‘Glamor Fitness’ and this should show in her images.”

Megan, who recently made a celebrity appearance at Las Vegas’ Olympia weekend, is described on her website as an “International Fitness Model, Competitor, Personal Trainer, and Fantasy Goddess.” According to RHK Magazine, that is an understatement.

“Of course, once we saw her amazing photos, we were ecstatic about having an opportunity to work with Muscle Barbie,” says a rep for RHK Productions, parent company of RHK Magazine. “However, it was her down-to-earth personality which convinced us that we had a unique opportunity to work with, not only an exceptional model, but also a genuinely beautiful person.”

Our sources tell us that in addition to her upcoming feature, RHK Magazine is also in talks with Muscle Barbie to feature her in a monthly column which will include exclusive photos, Q&A’s, health/fitness tips, video links, and more.

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